Okay so the cool thing to do right now is ‘ban all fans from sporting events.’ Unreal man. From a dude that handicaps basketball daily and puts a shit ton of time in to it, it really pisses me off. For the guys that have business, websites, and other ventures that rely on these big sporting weeks, I’m pissed off for you too.

It’s NOT Ebola or some crazy shit that’ll have you bleeding from your eyeballs. I understand how dangerous it is to old people  and the people who unfortunately have immune deficiencies, but you can’t just force people to not do what they want. Yanno how many dad’s and son’s are bummed because they can’t go see the Big East Tournament like they’ve done the past 10 years? What about all the Grandfather/Grandson duos that go every year? Well Gramps should probably stay home in this case but you get the point. Old people are at risk, sure- don’t leave the house and don’t be around sick family members and you’ll be just fine. Everybody else who’s healthy and has nothing to worry about should be able to do whatever they want and make decisions for themselves. If someone wants to risk it and go to the NCAA tournament then they should be able to do so.

From a handicapping standpoint this drives me absolutely bonkers. Honestly, I might as well just start from scratch on March Madness brackets because having no fans in attendance has a HUGE effect on some team’s performance. They haven’t declared anything for the NCAA Tournament yet, but they’ll likely ban fans for the entirety of the tournament. Home court advantage is out the window for teams that’re lucky enough to have games on their home court. There’s no intensity to a game that feels empty. I remember 7&8th Grade we would play this certain team that had a brand new, wide open basketball court and I hated playing there so much. A good amount of fans were in attendance too, but just the overwhelming amount of space in the gym was weird and no doubt affected my game personally. I can’t imagine what it’s like playing at an empty Mercedes-Benz Stadium. And the noises are so dumb, all you can hear is guys yelling out screens and grunting and what not. I don’t know it just reminds of Saturday morning practice in high school kind of vibes, like you’re kind of taking it seriously, but not really.

And does it even feel the same if you do win it all this year? I mean it’s just not the same. Celebrating a last second buzzer beater in front of NOBODY. Sure people can watch on television, but it’s nowhere near the same as having fans in attendance. I wonder if they’ll put an asterisk next to the season or anything in the record books. “Oh yeah that’s the Coronavirus season back in 2020. Crazy  times, man” -some guy in the future.

They better figure something out before football season comes that’s all I’ve got to say.